Chemical-resistant resin floorings


Chemical resistance is a great value in chemical, automotive, food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, just to name a few which benefit from this property. Whenever new products are manufactured with aggressive chemicals, like acids, alkalis, lubricants and oils, resin flooring is a sure-fire solution, with outstanding durability that is more than a mere decorative value. Even the slightest damage to the flooring system in
a chemical processing environment can result in severe work accidents, especially around aggressive chemicals.

Levelling resin compounds
boast other benefits than just a high chemical resistance. Superior mechanical damage and high temperature resistance are an additional value in high on-site traffic areas. The jointless finish prevents shocks during the handling of loads on wheels. The flooring system is also sealed and non-absorbing, which facilitates chemical spill containment, neutralization and clean-up, which is also a major environment protection advantage.

All resin flooring systems are resistant to chemicals. However, aggressive chemicals in production and laboratory settings demand extreme chemical resistance our vinyl-ester resin systems provide. The chemical and thermal resistance of vinyl ester compounds is simply superior. They are used for to protect buildings against the impact of hazardous chemical substances, especially in chemical production and storage areas.

Example floorings:

- Flowchem VE GL

- Flowchem VE HD

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