Resin flooring for industrial manufacturing and warehouses


The flooring is an important part of any building. Its quality determines the stability of the substrate and the comfort and safety of the people using the building. Industrial production and warehouse floorings are exposed to mechanical and chemical damage from varied and heavy-duty use. Self-levelling resin compounds meet the criteria for heavy-duty, reliable and strong industrial flooring, for manufacturing and warehouse floors.


Resin floorings for production and warehouse buildings feature high resistance to mechanical loading, from equipment and machines typically weighing several tons, including heavy traffic by forklift trucks and the handling of heavy loads. Resin floorings are highly resistant to cracking and, with the right surface finish, abrasive wear. The inherent anti-static properties of resin flooring prevent the attraction and adhesion of dust and dirt. It is an ideal solution for the long-term storage of food or sensitive electronic components.


Self-levelling compound and float resin floorings

A self-levelling compound, float epoxy resin flooring or an epoxy-quartz flooring is the best choice for industrial processing floors and warehouses. These flooring (and subfloor preservation) solutions are installed in industrial plants of all types: at production floors, in warehouses and workshops, and even in laboratories; wherever the flooring is exposed to heavy-duty loads (from foot traffic, forklift trucks, heavy goods trucks, battery pallet trucks, etc.) and chemicals (grease, oil, fat, resins, solvents, and detergents).


Example floorings:

- Peran SL

- Peran STB Compact

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