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Resin flooring - TQS FLOORING

The floors inside production buildings, machine rooms and warehouses are exposed to a variety of destructive factors: the flooring structure must survive loads measured in tons, heavy forklift traffic and contamination by oil, grease and other chemicals. The severity of exposure is often increased by mechanical vibration, which requires even greater mechanical strength from the flooring. The strength and resistance of industrial flooring is critical to the effectiveness and streamlining of manufacturing processes and on-site handling, as well as the safety of the employees. The resin flooring systems from TQS FLOORING meet these demands. Our dedicated polymer formulations can be modified to provide specific performance characteristics, including specific flexibility and hardness levels, anti-slip properties, or high resistance to cracking. A resin flooring is installed by casting the polymer compound directly on a suitable substrate. This produces a uniform and consistent surface finish, without inconvenient joints or gaps. A flooring installed this way is also easy to clean.


Installation and repairs of industrial flooring

Our core business is the installation of resin flooring for production and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, other industrial buildings, garages and car parks. Our focus includes repairs of industrial flooring, whether due to age or years of heavy use. Successful renovation of concrete flooring requires making suitable choices from the best available solutions, based on years of professional experience and extensive know-how.

Our commercial product range includes: epoxy floorings, methyl methacrylate floorings, polyurethane floorings and anti-static floorings. TQS FLOORING also provides high chemically-resistant vinyl-ester resin floorings and installs quick-setting, self-levelling cement screeds.


We co-operate with leading resin compound and concrete mix suppliers, including Flowcrete, Sika, Mapei, and Sto.

   Installation and repairs of industrial flooring


A very important part of installing a resin flooring is the substrate on which the flooring should be applied and its mechanical pre-treatment. First the condition of the substrate should be assessed. This is why TQS FLOORING installers always test the substrate moisture levels, mechanical  strength and flatness before the installation of  resin flooring.


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