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Anti-static resin floorings

The build-up of static electricity and its discharge through sparks is a serious hazard in woodworking shops, paint shops, and warehouses. There is no need to worry, the solution is here: our safe anti-static resin floorings eliminate dust explosion hazards.

Anti-static protection is in high demand in the electronic component industry, where products are extremely sensitive to changes in the electric potential and require extreme safety measures against damage by electrostatic discharge. The risk is eliminated by installing epoxy floorings in all component assembly and storage rooms. Resin floorings also improve precision measurements and testing with highly controlled environmental parameters in laboratories and test facilities.

A speciality of TQS FLOORING is a conductive epoxy resin flooring, a solution recommended for rooms at risk of fire and explosion hazards from electrostatic discharges, or where electrostatic discharge can disrupt sensitive production processes, with a risk to the health of the personnel. The anti-electrostatic floorings are available in two versions: smooth levelling and power-floated anti-slippery finish.


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