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Resin flooring for the food industry

The food industry has very stringent requirements for production and processing rooms, catering facilities, and food storage units. Here high sanitary standards come first; microbial infestation and other accumulations of contaminants must be prevented. Food products often contain acids and colours which can damage or change the floor materials by direct contact.
A flooring system that is strong and easy to clean is very important for this industry.


We offer mixed resin floorings for the food industry. Polyurethane floorings with cement admixtures are best for the processing conditions typically found in food and catering environments. A polyurethane-cement flooring has good anti-slip properties, with a high resistance to heat and aggressive cleaning products. These floorings are antimicrobial and comply with the HACCP requirements.


Posadzki żywiczne dla przemysłu spożywczego