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Resin floorings for garages and car parks

The floor surfaces in garage spaces and car parks are exposed to heavy vehicular traffic, which means intense abrasion and dynamic loads. Exposure to chemicals, including fuel, lubricants, salt and oil are also a problem with these surfaces: quick degradation of the surface can lead to reduced convenience and safety. Concrete flooring repairs can be expensive, especially because the affected garage or car park must be closed in the meantime.

Resin flooring is impervious to these risks of damage in garage and car park settings. Polyurethane, or polyurethane and epoxy floorings installed in garages and multi-storey car parks are very resistant to mechanical damage. They do not wear, crack or chip easily under high traffic volumes. A polyurethane garage flooring expands the overall benefits of such resin-based systems requiring a high chemical resistance to fuel, oil and automotive lubricants. They cannot penetrate the sealed resin topping, but can be easily removed.

Posadzki żywiczne dla garaży i parkingów

Polyurethane and polyurethane-epoxy resins

Polyurethane floorings and polyurethane-epoxy floorings are the best solution for various types of garage spaces and car parks, both in large, multi-storey parking garages and small private garage spaces. This type of self-levelling resin compound floorings can handle heavy-duty loads from passenger and commercial traffic, with high resistance to abrasion and UV degradation, while also retaining excellent anti-slip and noise-attenuating performance.